Industry Level Music Group to Open Up Music Scam Hotline

Industry Level Music Group and Head A&R “Sean Davidson”, are pleased to announce the opening of their new music scam “e-mail hotline”. “Lots of artists come to us with advice on how to handle different music opportunities, I would say that 98% of them are just scams and false propositions”, says Mr. Davidson. In an effort to give back to the music community we are opening up a music scam hotline so that inquiring artists can submit their opportunities and a representative from Industry Level Music Group will do research and validate whether the opportunity is a scam or legitimate.

“This is something that is needed in the music community”, says Davidson, “We would like to be the first line of defense for an aspiring artists to validate certain opportunities for their careers. Artists deal with enough pressure of making it big the last thing they need to experience is a scam”.

If a band or music artist wishes to have Industry Level Music Group validate an opportunity that has been presented to them, they can e-mail the information to “”.

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