Industry Level Music Group Expands Reality Television Department

Industry Level Music Group is a private talent development firm that is made up of ex-music/film executives and A&R’s who posses the knowledge and relationships to negotiate multi-million dollar recording and or film contracts.


PRLog (Press Release)Jul. 8, 2014NEW YORKIndustry Level Music & Film Group will be expanding their reality television department.  With over “30” working television pilots at their disposal, they say it is still “not enough”.  “Content, Content, Content!! That is our motto here at ILMG”, says Sarah Vargo.  “You can never have enough, just when you think you are caught up, your running low again.  There are so many different networks emerging these days and they all have something in common, the need for content”.

Industry Level is working with several in-house reality tv directors and are currently searching for criteria in these departments:

 Crime Movies, Police Action, Dangerous Occupations, Legal, Steel, Niche Restaraunts, Resorts, Cool Businesses, Tech Billionaires with Girlfriends, Rich High Society Shows, and anything that genrally would make an exciting television reality show.   They are accepting content ideas and stories which can be submitted via their website.
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