Ice T & Scarface Gritty Street Drama, “The Ghetto” Gets Picked Up by Industry Level Music & Film Group

New York, NY — (SBWIRE) — 07/25/2014 — In its latest aggressive pre-buy to line its slate with star-driven pictures, B-Squared Entertainment, has a month before the Toronto Film Festival, closed a deal to acquire international rights to “The Ghetto”, the gritty street drama feature that stars Scarface, Ice T, Tyrin Turner and De’aundre Bonds.

It was directed by respected helmer Manzie Jones, an emmy nominated producer, whose previous directorial credits include Buried Alive and Paranoid Activity 2. The film was expected to be one of the hot titles for domestic and international distribution at the upcoming TIFF market that starts September 4th. The deal was made by B-Squared Co-CEO’s Mark Berry & Frank Blenman in association with Ian Martin at Industry Level Music & Film Group. It is a commitment for a wide release inclusive of broadcast internationally.

Based on the Scarface and Manzie Jones script, three childhood friends – B, 3D, and Moose, played by Scarface, De’aundre Bonds, and Tyrin Turner respectively – grow up in the inner city of Los Angeles. B turns his ability to organize and recruit to the drug trade when the local drug dealer is shot and killed. B has all the skills needed to thrive and never one to shy away from violence, B turns his neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods into his own personal empire.

As a grown up, B thrives, until a new player starts to muscle in. The new drug kingpin is named Victor, played by Ice T. Victor pushes his drugs into B’s neighborhoods and upsets the status quo. B attempts to push Victor back out of his neighborhoods without resorting to violence, but his attempts fail. Now it’s time for all-out war. As tit-for-tat violence escalates between the feuding gangs, it becomes apparent that only the man willing to abandon everything he cares about will remain standing.

Mr. Mark Berry said, “Manzie and Scarface have made a bold, epic, and emotionally generous saga, once again showing a master’s hand in eliciting searingly beautiful performances from the actors with whom they collaborate.”

Mr. Manzie Jones, director commented, “Myself and the whole team are excited to be working with Industry Level Film Group and B Squared, we are ready to show our hard work and dedication to the masses!”

Added Rob “Kelo” Hendricks, EVP, Business Affairs at AMG Global Entertainment, “I look forward to working at radio with Scarface and his top notch collaborators on this exciting and outstanding musical soundtrack. Ian Martin at Industry Level Music & Film Group has created a great team and we at AMG are excited about the opportunities available to our clients.”

Assisting B-Squared in The Ghetto deal will be AMG Global Entertainment out of Toronto, Wayne Thompson, Executive Producer of Who The F*ck is Arthur Fogel, the award winning doc on Live Nation impresario Arthur Fogel and Paul D. Schindler, Esq at Greenburg Traurig in NYC, Business Affairs at B-Squared Entertainment.10258874_315236178643110_3621090611783422291_o

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